Namecheap Hosting Review

Namecheap Hosting Review 2018

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I felt like I had to post here to support NameCheap.

Since I’ve signed up and started using NameCheap’s hosting service I have been nothing but amazed. Let me break down my experience.

Uptime –
My site has had an uptime of 100% for two months now with NO service interruptions. It’s kind of hard to beat 100% isn’t it? Also the average response time is 0.084 which is pretty darn good.

I have had to use support twice. One time I created an error in my code which I didn’t notice and after submitted a support ticket THEY took the time to fix it FOR ME within a few hours. The second time my e-mail was blocked by a server. They IMEDIATLEY changed the IP on the server and got the old IP off of the block list. Support is always very kind and helpful. No problems ever!

Their cPanel is jam packed with amazing features. They include awesome scripts like Cloud Flare and Softaculous for no charge. There are also many many great features included at no additional price.

Overall I couldn’t recommend name cheap any more.

Biggest Pro: Server Uptime
Biggest Con: None

Though there are many negative reviews about Namecheap hosting. Some of them are telling they are good. But I’m sharing my experience here. I used there shared hosting a couple of months and i was satisfied from there service. Support was also fine.

While ordering my Plan the initial setup was quick for me and within 20 minutes got my CPanel details, so no complaints there and I went on to happily install WordPress and upload a few things. The overall speed of the website was OK, it’s not great but it’s not terrible either.

Well, I contacted them about the site speed and they moved my site to another server. After that I really noticed a positive change in my sites speed. It was browsing smoothly. It might possible that my site was hosted on a overloaded server before, which was causing speed issues?

Later I enabled Cloudflare and this did indeed help speed up the website slightly. Now the site running fine. I never saw any issues regarding down time.

Now if I talk about their support? It was not bad at all, as many of the Namecheap customers are unhappy from their support. They always complaint that their support is worst. But to be honest in my case their support was good and that staff is also friendly. I got reply of each and every ticket within a few hours. However many Top level hosts took 24 hours to reply a ticket and late reply means late solution of your issues.

In short my experience with Namecheap Hosting was fine and I think for a low budget site you should not expect more from them 🙂

My overall rating for Namecheap Hosting is 4star in low budget hosting.
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