DigitalOcean Review

DigitalOcean Review 2018

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Experienced webmasters often use VPS hosting,even dedicate server instead of using normal shared host. In the past, cost for VPS investment is quite expensive, but now, with only 5$/month You are able to own VPS hosting plan 1 for a plenty of website with DigitalOcean.

I. Advantages of DigitalOcean

– Low price: The DO provider is a company that provides the cheapest VPS hosting that I have known.

– Pay as you go

– High speed hard driver SSD: I have already tested vps hosting and plan of providers ( stablehost, interserver,…). I realized that DO is better.

– Lots of data center in different areas: for this reason, the quality of speed is excellent.

– Good support center: most of my issues are solved in Community such as: set up zpanel guide, cpanel on VPS centOS,…

– Abundent promotion programs: DigitalOcean free $5, $10, $15, $20 credit can be added to your account. It can be reached to $50 in Black Friday.

– Each VPS has its own IP ( Dedicated addresses) – Free.

– Control panel using is easy.

– There is already DNS management – for many domains.

– Security login through mobile phone.

II. Disadvantages of DigitalOcean

– Recently, there are no complains about services of DO.

III. Server specifications: VPS Digitalocean.

*/ 512Mb ram digitalocean package:

System Benchmarks Index Score 910.1

*/ 1GB ram vps digitalocean package

System Benchmarks Index Score 1603.4

Most of the DO’s rivals are knocked out by DO VPS in the fields of price, hard driver SSD,KVM and high speed transmissions. the VPS service of DO can be compared with fomous providers such as Linode, Amazon and Rackspace.

Good luck. 🙂

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