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    Godaddy Domain Backorder Coupon Codes : Save 40% in September 2019

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:50 am

    I would like to share with you a 40% off godaddy domain backorder coupon that can help you save money when registering this service from GoDaddy. GoDaddy Domain Backorder is a service that can help you register your favorite domains in case someone has already registered.

    GoDaddy Domain Backorder Coupon

    Get Code  – Up to 40% off for Domain Backorder
    Activate Deal   – Save 35% backorder domain godaddy
    Activate Deal   – 30% off Domain BackOrders


    • 01 year registration cost and ICANN Fee.
    • FREE one-year membership to GoDaddy Auctions ($4.99)
    • FREE daily monitoring
    • FREE Pro Domain Alert
    What is Domain Name Backordering ?

    What is Domain Name Backordering?

    Domain Name Backordering is the service that makes it possible for anyone to reserve domain name when it goes out for sale. Most companies over the web are asking for this service. The main question is, what if you just forgot to order your domain name? In such a situation, another company somewhere in the world will see your domain name can soon be taken. This means, they will place a backorder on your name and wait to see what you going to do with it.

    It is very important to take care of your domain name by making use of all security measures. You might come from a long vacation and find out that someone somewhere is now using your domain name. This is terrible. This will happen if you neglected your responsibility to keep your net-real-estate up-to-date. Never forget to renew your website address, failure of which someone else will take it.

    Domain names can easily be taken by someone else unless you own a Canadian domain name which is protected by CIRA. Alternatively, you can have a trademark on your name or business. This is the only way you can be assured that the domain name is yours and can’t be taken away from you. Once your domain name has been taken, it takes time to convince the court that you forget to renew your website address.

    Should the service be allowed?

    Most people will say yes because there are thousands of websites that aren’t going to be renewed after expiry. Most people make the mistake of not renewing their website. If you don’t want to put your domain name at risk, you need to renew your website or check for an auto-renewal package.Google is seriously looking on the names that have long validity. They’re looking so as to determine those who are serious and registering their domain names more than an year.

    Service title

    Domain backordering should never be allowed. The domain owner should have up to one year to claim it unless you’ve transferred the domain to another person or company. This will minimize the rate at which domain names are stolen.

    Protect your net-real-estate

    Of course your address is the most crucial thing you have online. The address is actually important just like your business name. Your website address is what brings your business or company into vicinity. Your audience and clients will know you by the domain name. Be cautious when you allow access info for your name to those who aren’t trustworthy and are not within your social circle

    How Godaddy Domain Backorder Works ?

    In case your favorite domain has been registered, to be honest, it is not easy for you to get it if the owner still wants to keeping. GoDaddy will do its best to help you. There will be two instances when GoDaddy handles orders, which is a domain registered at GoDaddy or at another company. Depending on the circumstances will have different treatment. For the most accurate information on how godaddy domain backorder work, just visit their help page, which has listed in great detail. It’s a waste of time if I write again here 🙂

    How you Setting up a Domain Backorder ?

    1. Log in to your GoDaddy account.
    2. Next to Domains, click Manage.
    3. From the Buy/Sell menu, select Backorders and Monitoring.
    4. Click Add Backorders. The Backorder Domains window displays.
    5. For Backorder type, select one of the following:
      • Public — Lists your personal contact information in the Whois database.
      • Private — Publishes proxy contact information in the Whois database.
    6. Select I have read and agree to … , and then click Next.
    7. Enter the domain names you want to backorder (one per line), and then click Next.
    8. Complete the following, and then click Next:
      • Email address 1 — Enter the email address you want us to send status-change notifications to.
      • (Optional) Email address 2 — Enter the secondary email address you want us to send status-change notifications to.
    9. If necessary, edit your contact information, and then click Next.
    10. From the Number of credits to use list, select the number of credits you want to apply, and then click Next.

      NOTE: The credits in the list are the number you have available for the transaction. If you don’t have enough credits, GoDaddy will take you to the shopping cart to complete the purchase.

    11. If you selected Private as the backorder type, select I have read the Domain Name Proxy Agreement … , and then click Next.
    12. If you need to purchase backorder credits or Private Registration, continue through the checkout process.

    Domain names are far much important if you have a website and you want to rank higher on search engines like Google. Domain names are hotcakes especially if names are popular. If you don’t keep your net-real-estate up-to-date, you might realize that your name has been taken by someone else. Remember, the more popular is your domain name, the better and higher the chances of Google ranking. Wish you success.

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    Best Black Friday Hosting Deals 2019 Discounts for New & Existing Customers

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:51 am

    This is a tops list of web hosting companies offer discounts for both new and existing customers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018. You may be aware of the fact that Black Friday is the best time to get great deals on the items on your Christmas list. But now many web hosting companies have also starting to offer various type of discounts to their clients on this season. It is hard for web designers, bloggers, and SEO experts to avoid the benefits of these Black Friday hosting deals as they offer a broad range of discounts. They offer good deals on the prices of domain registration and hosting along with various add-on services like web design, plug-ins, and SSL certification, etc. So you should not avoid these rare offers while shopping for Black Friday this year during festival holidays.

    Various companies offer different types of Black Friday hosting deals, discounts, and coupons on domains, SEO tools, and hosting services along with other services to make it more affordable for their clients. It is hard to miss these discounts and deals for the professionals including people involved in marketing, SEO, and blogging as it can help them in running their business more efficiently. Some of them also offer affiliate links to provide best discounts to their clients through such offers also help them to earn the commission.

    List of some of the Black Friday hosting deals provided by popular companies

    • Liquid Web offers 33% off on the use of its dedicated servers for the first three months. This offer is offered by Liquid Web for big brands and high-class companies along with the people having high traffic blogs and the client agencies. Check out Liquid Web Black Friday sale here.

    • GoDaddy offers ultimate 50% discount on the use of deluxe & ultimate web hosting services. A Free top-level domain COM/NET/ORG is included with the web hosting package. The hosting offers a Free cPanel for Linux hosting or Odin Plesk for Window hosting which you don’t need to buy an additional license like the places else. Godaddy has been added a new application for Linux hosting that is CloudLinux which helps your sites always online. It keeps balancing CPU, RAM and Disk IO works within limits which is you should take a move on Linux hosting. Check out 50% Off Godaddy Linux Hosting on Black Friday.


    • HostGator offers 80% off on the use of its hosting services on Cyber Monday, Cyber Tuesday, Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. The HostGator deals on Black Friday & the others only valid in between 23th to 28th CST time. You’re not only going to get an excellent hosting discount but also the discount on domain names when purchasing it along with the packages. You might only pay less than  $6 for the domain name. Check out HostGator Black Friday & Cyber Modnay Deals



    • HawkHost offered massive discount up to 70% off on the use of its hosting services on Black Friday 2018. These deals are valid for both existing as well as new account holders. And it just only works from 25th. Check out HawkHost Black Friday Sales.

    • GoDaddy offers economy WordPress hosting service for $1 only on Black Friday. For the first year, they also offer free domain along with the package of web hosting. Their hosting service is available at the monthly rate of $1 for first 12 months. They also allow affiliate marketer doing Amazon affiliate to get the suitable package to work out and other purposes such as blogging, portfolio sites, Adsense sites, e-commerce online store, more. This price is the least for the community of WordPress users and newbie. Get 40% Off on New & Renewal Purchases on

    • Namecheap is offering its shared hosting service at 30% off on Black Friday along with annual hosting for only $9.88 only. The offer of 30% off is available for both business and Ultimate plans. On all other hosting plans excluding Value plans, they offer 20% off. Check Out Namecheap Black Friday coupon Codes

    *Note that this coupon only works on Ultimate package .

    • Stable Host offers 75% off for using its hosting for one time on Black Friday. Besides that the provider also offers a new deal that is you’re going to get  a 30% bonus to any prepaid funds added to your account between today through 11/30/16.  Which means when you ask for adding a prepaid fund to your account they will give you a change 30% of the credit that you added. Check out full list Stable Host Black Friday Deals 2018.

    *Note both of existing and new customers are allowed!

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    70% OFF HawkHost Black Friday Coupon Codes 2019 for New & Old Account

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:51 am

    Hawkhost hosting on Black Friday 2018 will be discounted up to 70% on shared hosting, semi-dedicated, VPS and reseller hosting. During this time of the year, Hawkhost launched a series of coupons for all the old and new customers. Every Black Friday of each year coming, Hawkhost makes both new and existing customers surprise about the promotions they launch. The great thing about this time that is the coupons works for all people not only new customers like the other times. Don’t let it goes away while you can!

    HawkHost Black Friday Coupons 2018

    HawkHost Shared Hosting Black Friday Coupons 2018

    70% Off one time discount bfshared2018
    50% Off Lifetime discount bfshared2018r

    HawkHost Reseller Hosting Black Friday Coupons 2018

    60% Off one time discount bfreseller2018
    50% Off Lifetime discount bfreseller2018r

    HawkHost VPS Hosting Black Friday Coupons 2018

    60% Off one time discount bfvps2018
    45% Off Lifetime discount bfvps2018r

    HawkHost Semi Dedicated Hosting Black Friday Coupons 2018

    70% Off one time discount bfsd2018
    55% Off Lifetime discount bfsd2018r

    ***Valid from 23rd to 27th November 2018

    • One time discount means the coupon code will help you to make a cut for only one time.
    • Lifetime(Recurring) discount means the coupon code will help you make a cut for a lifetime.
    • HawkHost accepts a lot of payment methods like PayPal, all kind of credit cards.

    This offer will be ending soon!

    If all the coupons on this page expired please jump to the article “40% Off HawkHost Shared Hosting Coupon – Unlimited Transfer – Web Hosting Singapore – Memcached supported” to get the latest coupons.

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    48% OFF Dedicated Servers of Liquid Web Black Friday Coupons 2019

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:51 am

    Liquid Web Dedicated servers discount in this Black Friday season of 2019. At this day of each year, you’re going to get a lot of great, great deals from the web hosting providers. The quality of the hosting packages provided in the promotional period is equal and does not change. The special thing here is that vendors will sell it lower than usual to give buyers with a better view of their products.

    This Black Friday season, you will have the opportunity to purchase a dedicated server delight of Liquid Web for quite reasonable prices reduced up to 48%. Lots of coupons to be continuously supplied to all users after the Black Friday sale goes over. So, Don’t worry! You always have a chance to get it at my website.

    I would be very excited to do a list here sharing all the promotion of Liquid Web to let you have more choices when buying a virtual private server or dedicated server.

    Liquid Web Black Friday Deals 2019

     50% Off Dedicated Servers in the First 3 Months. BF17PROMO
    Save 30% for 4 months Dedicated Servers. BUNDLE30
    Save 20% for 4 months Dedicated Servers. SERVER20
    Save 30% for 3 months VPS hosting Black Friday 2019 VPSBF17
    SAVE 15% for 3 months Cloud VPS Hosting. BF17PROMO
    $49 Off Virtual Private Servers. BINGO49
    $90 Off Fully Managed WordPress Hosting. INTROWP


    Get the complete Liquid Web coupons here up to $300 Off on new purchases.

    Dedicated Servers System of Liquid Web is very powerful with sustainable infrastructure can fully meet the needs of large companies. It is a solid stepping stone to help your company to further sustainable development.

    I hope you will get suitable LiquidWeb coupons using the above exclusive links. Liquid Web Inc., or simply LiquidWeb, is a web hosting company that has been in business since 1997. It is a privately held and managed web host that caters to professional webmasters, developers, and companies. After a few years of operation, it has become one of the most trusted web host companies on the Web. You can grab the special LiquidWeb discount from the above links and you will get huge discount.

    For the past few years, INC, an entrepreneur magazine, has included Liquid Web as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. And it has been on that list for nine years straight (2007 — 2015).

    The company already has three fully owned data centers, 451 staff members, and almost 30,000 clients around the world. Interestingly, Matthew Hill has found it at a young age of 16. The main secret to the company’s fast success is its focus on customer service. Liquid Web has since then made multiple investments throughout its operations and was able to provide various types of services.

    Why choose LiquidWeb?

    • Free Migrations Services.
    • Offers Free Domain Names
    • Offers Linux- or Windows-based servers
    • One Click Installs
    • cPanel Software Available
    • Backend Management Tools
    • Security Services
    • Real-Time Monitoring For Servers
    • Established in 1997 as a Hosting provider
    • Four wholly-owned data centers
    • Over 400 On-site Staff Members
    • 30,000 Clients Worldwide; over 150 Countries
    • 24/7/365 on-site Heroic Support

    Primarily, it Liquidweb offers the following facilities:

    • Dedicated Servers
    • VPS Hosting
    • Managed WordPress
    • Database Hosting
    • Storage and Backup
    • Network Services
    • Web Security
    • Mail Hosting
    • Hybrid Hosting, Colocation, Game Server Hosting

    So that you know, the roster Liquid Web’s clients include the following:

    • Ducati, GM/Chevy Volt, Porsche, Audi
    • Hitachi, Toshiba, Motorola
    • Warner Music, ESPN, National Geographic, MTV
    • United Nations, Michigan State University, Order of the Arrow
    • Symantec, Eddie Bauer, TechSmith, Xerox
    • BIC, Home Depot, FedEx, BOSE

    And those are just a few of the big companies that trust Liquid Web as their web host and web solutions provider. It is no exaggeration that, despite not being as popular as GoDaddy and HostGator on the Web, Liquid Web VPS(Virtual Private Server) hosting has already made its spot in the saturated web hosting market. Above biggest companies are hosting their website on LiquidWeb and You can use LiquidWeb discount code to get the latest offers.

    Liquid Web Advantages

    With numerous hosting companies on the Web, Liquid Web stands out from the rest. Of course, it provides almost the same features, which you can expect from a high-tier web hosting company. However, it differs from the lot due to the extra mile Liquid Web adds to its services to gain leverage in the saturated web hosting market. We offer special LiquidWeb promo codes for our clients and our site visitors.

    Here is a quick list of the advantages that you will gain when you choose the Liquid Web server.

    1. Fast, Reliable, and 24/7/365 Support: The company prefers to call its support team as Heroic Support. They are always online, available, and prompt.
    1. Consistent Monitoring: Proactive monitoring of your servers and accounts are done 24/7. They have a dedicated team for that task, which the company calls Sonar Monitoring Team. All aspects of the service are monitored, including network, software, and hardware.
    1. Free Migration: If you have already built your website or other online solutions on other web hosts, LiquidWeb offers free migration. This migration is not the typical “run this web app” transfer solution. LiquidWeb has another team that assists new (or existing) customers with migration to ensure that the transfer of files or assets will be smooth.
    1. Reliable Data Centers: When it comes to the web hosting quality, it always boils down to the reliability of data centers. Currently, two of their data centers located in Michigan and Arizona. The data centers built following standard protocols: redundant power sources, network, and cooling. You can even take a look at them and “access” the interior of their data centers through Google’s Street View.
    1. Top Quality Tools: All service packages come with top quality tools you can find on the Web. One of them is Liquid Web’s Guardian Backup and Recovery. Also, it will, by default, come with standard software that you will need to manage and set up your web server smoothly on the get-go.  One of them is Softaculous. It is a one-click install software that can allow you to set up your website with the components and apps you need to get it started fast — with just a few clicks of a button, and a few forms to fill up, to be precise.
    1. Security: One of the reasons Liquid Web regarded as one of the high-tier web hosting companies on the Web is its focus on the security. Whether you just want to establish a blog or start an e-commerce site, your web host account or Liquid Web Dedicated server will come already equipped with necessary security measures. Use LiquidWeb Promo to buy a dedicated server you will get a huge discount.

    Uptime Stats

    Almost all web hosts share the same promise: 99.9% uptime. Most companies can fulfill the promise. Some of them can, too, but the uptime reliability depends on the package you get. With Liquid Web, whatever package or service you choose, you are guaranteed to have peace of mind that your site or online service will always be on.

    And in case something happens to your service, whether it is network- or power-related, Liquid Web guarantees that you will immediately provide with support — and the amount of time you lost multiplied by ten will be credited to your account (if that ever happens).

    In addition to those guarantees, the company’s support team members are guaranteed to answer or get back to you pronto. You assured that somebody will:

    • Respond to your trouble tickets within 30 minutes.
    • Reply to your chat window within 59 seconds.
    • Answer your phone call packages within 59 seconds.

    If the support staff fails to deliver within those time limits, you will get credited according to the time you lost contacting them (and as usual, the time is multiplied by 10).

    LiquidWeb Coupon and Pricing

    This is the part where some people get scared about Liquid Web: pricing. As mentioned, the company primarily serves professional website owners, companies that offer online services, and companies that need to outsource their data servers. If you use our Liquid Web code, you will get a higher level of discounts.

    And because of that, the pricing mark can be a bit too high for startups, small businesses, and people who want to use their services personally. And in case you are looking for shared hosting, Liquid Web does not offer it.

    However, Liquid Web has tried to resolve this concern recently. As of now, it offers Managed WordPress and Hosting for those who want to take advantage of the companies top-notch services. Nevertheless, it can be still expensive, especially if you only plan to publish one website alone.

    Liquidweb Coupon for Shared Hosting Plans

    Liquidweb Shared account is the most basic plan, and it is suitable for small businesses and personal websites. Liquidweb offers four shared web hosting plans you can choose any plan for your hosting needs. You can create any site with the help of this Liquid Web Expert Shared Hosting Packages. You can use Liquid web servers for build a blog with the assistance of WordPress, Installing Drupal CMS, start your forum with PHPBB, open your online store with OpenCart and our shared hosting help you to build beyond those above-mentioned applications.

    Liquidweb Provide SSD storage with all the web hosting plans and it will increase the queries speed of the server. If you want Liquidweb coupon for your shared hosting plans, then click the above link to find Liquidweb discount code for your hosting plans.

    At Present Liquidweb Offer Four Plans

    Standard plan– Host One Website (Personal blog or Small business), 5 GB SSD Disk Space, 240 GB Transfer Bandwidth per month, 2 Free Domain Names and unlimited emails.

    WebMaster – Host Multiple Sites on a single server, 20 GB SSD Disk Space, 400 GB Transfer Bandwidth per month, 3 Free Domain Names and unlimited emails.

    Professional plan – 40 GB SSD Disk Space,640 GB Transfer Bandwidth per month, 5 Free Domain Names, unlimited emails, Free Standard SSL Certificate and Dedicated IP Address

    Semi-Dedicated – 1 CPU Core & 1 GB RAM, Burstable to 2 CPUs & 2 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD Disk Space, 5 Free Domain Names, Unlimited emails, Free Standard SSL, Dedicated IP Address, 640 GB Transfer Bandwidth

     Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

    Liquidweb dedicated servers are one of the best solutions for your big traffic and corporate sites. Liquidweb offers self-managed, core managed and fully managed servers for their clients. They provide a different configuration for their customers; their specifications start from single processor to quad processor. The pricing starts from single-core ($199/month) to Dual-core ($1099/month).

    Liquidweb offers both Linux and Windows operating systems, and they provide 24/7 sonar monitoring service for their dedicated servers, and this sonar application detects server problem proactively. This app finds your most of the hosting problems even before the error happened to your server. Each dedicated servers connected to network 100MB/sec internet.

    The dedicated servers minimum configurations start from 16GB RAM, 250GB SSD Raid Protected, and 1TB backup drive. Liquidweb allows the root access for their clients to the dedicated server, and it gives full control of the server and all installed software. You find a Liquidweb coupon for the dedicated server at the fourth button.

    Storm VPS plans

    Liquidweb offers storm VPS (Virtual Private Servers) servers for low to medium traffic websites, or you also use this VPS server to test your newly created applications or freelance web designer with a small number of clients. If you are looking for a dedicated server like configuration for your site, then this is the best for your hosting needs because Liquid web offers VPS specifications works like a dedicated server.

    They charge you for some days you used their servers if you are planned to cancel your servers this pricing per day plan is handy for you.

    Liquidweb storm VPS plans starts from ($50/month) to high-end VPS servers ($2510/month). The starting plan includes 1 GB Memory and 50 GB SSD, and high-end plan configuration is 480.2 GB memory, 1800 GB SSD, 24 CPU cores, Free SSL and Domain name.

    Liquidweb allows their customers to access the root level of the servers. It gives full control of the server to their clients. They can install any software or application on their hosting.

    If your website exceeds the traffic limit beyond your selected plan they allow your site to work after that, they charge you for extra usage of their resource.

    Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

    If you are looking for WordPress with managed service, Liquidweb is the best place to manage your WordPress installs, and you don’t worry about your time consuming hosting configurations.

    The Features of Managed WordPress Hosting plans are

    Liquid Web provides developers friendly managed WordPress plans, and they offer five web hosting plans. The plans pricing is starting from $89/months to $445/months.

    Liquidweb managed WordPress works like lightning speed, automatic update for both plugins & themes, automatic backups for their websites, content delivery network and SSL included on each plan of the Liquidweb service.

    Liquidweb’s World Class Customer Service

    Liquid Web’s Heroic Support team is one of the very few lauded service teams on the Web. To be honest, the team is one of the company’s top selling points.

    During the early days of the company, it already provided best-in-class support. It provided extensive 24/7 support despite having only 16 employees. By 2015, it achieved a score of 74 in NPS (Net Promoter Score).

    When it comes to going the extra mile, the support team of Liquid Web will always offer best effort support. They will always try to solve almost every problem you have (related to your site of course) even if it is not indicated in their scope of support.

    Even if you ask about how to set up a third-party program that you will use together with Liquid Web’s service, you can rest assured that you will have an answer or, at the very least, directions on how you can solve your concern.

    They are always present, not because the company has bad service, but they are there to ensure that everything goes smoothly for every client that the company serves.

    Aside from the Heroic Support team, the company has other teams that provide additional direct and indirect assistance. And they are:

    1. Security Team: Provides assistance in making sure that all security threats are detected and neutralized.
    2. Setup Team: Provides setup and customization to your server and other services.
    3. Migration Team: Provides assistance and help during migrations.
    4. Development Team: Provides and create solutions to present and future problems that the company, its services, and its clients may have.
    5. Monitoring Team: Provides assurance that your service will be up every time, all the time.
    6. Network Team: Provides another layer of protection against downtime, together with the monitoring team.
    7. System Restore Team: Provides crucial support when it comes to the company’s clients data during downtime’s and crashes.
    8. Data Center Ops Team: Provides peace of mind that your servers, whether in the form of a rack or virtual, are taken care of.
    9. Sales Team: You know what they do best.

    Besides, Liquid Web offers other avenues of support and assistance. One of them is the company’s online Knowledge Base. It’s KB covers common issues and fixes, best practices and tips, and articles that provide information to get you started. This is the best chance to grab LiquidWeb Coupon from Gigacoupon.

    Another self-help support system of the company is its comprehensive online tutorials. It is actually under the Knowledge Base section, but since it contains a lot of information, it deserves its section. The tutorials cover everything — from simple HTML markup up to server management.


    To make this comprehensive LiquidWeb web hosting clear in a nutshell: If you just want to create one site alone or just publish one for personal use, Liquid Web is not recommended for you. However, it does not mean that you should erase this company from your list of web host providers.

    Thanks to its migration program, you can quickly switch to Liquid Web once your business or website becomes bigger and requires you to scale up.

    On the other hand, for those who already have established plans on starting big on the Web, getting Liquid Web as your web solution is a must. This is especially true if you lack the technical know-how on running websites, servers, etc.

    Due to its reliability and outstanding support system, you can just focus on your business instead of worry about the web aspect of your business. You can grab the above LiquidWeb Coupon & Promo codes that will reduce price when buy hosting from LiquidWeb. when Its pricing scheme is also competitive, so you will not lose a lot of dollars if you prefer quality service should you choose this company as your provider. I recommend you to try them once. There’s nothing to lose since you are covered by their 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

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    Namecheap Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019 – Up to 99% OFF!

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:51 am

    Namecheap Annual BlackFriday/Cyber Monday Sale is nearly here. This year, Namecheap is offering domain registration, website hosting, and SSLs at up to 98% off our already low prices.

    Grab a new domain, level-up your hosting package, and lock up your business security with an SSL, all for less than $1.

    Get ready for our biggest sale of the year! Namecheap proudly presents your Black Friday Spectacular, packed with extraordinary hourly deals across our product range.

    But you’ll need to be quick — these offers will vanish before you know it!


    As their name suggests, cheap, they are literally and scarily cheap. They are a full serviced hosting brand which is serving the customer since 16 years. They have currently great image about their quality and affordable tag on the forehead.

    Namecheap Black Friday Sale 2018 – Discounts & Offers

    Almost every host runs a annual sale during black friday and cyber monday. So, namecheap runs a annual sale too which is named as namecheap black friday sale and namecheap cyber monday sale. Namecheap is offering domain registrations, web hosting and SSLs at upto 90% discount only on black friday sale. You can get a complete package of domain and hosting within $3. It’s their biggest sale which comes once a year. So, prepare yourself and enjoy the discounts to save some big $s.


    1 – PRICE

    You might have seen the plans for NameCheap Hosting; they are super affordable and customizable. NameCheap is the master of affordable hosting. They keep the plans for people who are looking for something cheap but with good quality.

    2 – FEATURES

    They have sought after hosting technology is no less than any in the market. They are always increasing their server bases all around the world. They are trying to make smooth for their customers.

    3 – SUPPORT

    The 24*7 support system is commendable, and you would never regret calling them anytime. With an experienced tech staff, they solve your problems quickly. Even we tested that when we were reviewing the support service.


    Recently, to make it more affordable, NameCheap has come up with the NameCheap Promo Code, this is a monthly coupon strategy to make their service cheaper. This makes them one of the most affordable hosting brands in the market.


    Like every other hosting company, NameCheap believes in delighting their customers. Every year they come up with NameCheap Black Friday Deal which makes their cheap hosting more cheap. The NameCheap Black Friday is the best offer they come up with and is the most important reason you should go for it.



    Also Read : Hostgator Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Offers 2018

    Step-1: Click below button to activate Namecheap Black friday coupon.

    Step-2: After this, select the web hosting plan which you want to purchase.

    Step-3: As you are new customer for them so you need to create your account. While creating your account, must fill all your details and then complete the payment process.

    After payment process will complete successfully then you can setup your website ob their hosting.

    To prove that this is very affordable, let us look at the plans which they offer according to the client.

    Congratulations, you have availed the best offer during Namecheap black friday 2018 sale.

    Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan

    Shared hosting plans of namecheap is much similar to the plans being offered by normal hosts in industry but the quality of servers are pretty much better. Namecheap’s shared hosting plans are one of the best due to it’s pricing. Along with being too cheap on cost, they also offers Namecheap discount codes which can help you save some additional money on your purchase. Namecheap uses the latest Dell technology and servers are really lightning fast. According to the price they are charging, I don’t think you can get better hosting than this

    Namecheap Reseller Hosting Plans

    Namecheap has designed their Reseller hosting plans very well so that re-sellers can draw maximum profit from it. Their reseller hosting plans are generally made for agencies and stake holders who want to earn money by renting space to their clients and other customers. Reseller hosting plans are widely considered by agencies to sell to their clients. Their cPanel is also very easy and can be used easily yo take maximum profits out of it and give proper functionality.

    Namecheap VPS Hosting Plans

    VPS means Virtual Private Network which is specially your network. If you are running a large business and need more resources and control over your online business then this plan is for you. Server maintenance and upgrades are lightning fast in VPS servers. VPNs are really responsive servers which gives a very good speed and performance.

    Namecheap Dedicated Hosting Server Plans

    If you are running a large business and for some or any reason you want to opt for a more secure environment, then you can go with dedicated server plans. Dedicated hosting plans are not at all cheap, they are expensive but they worth it. Generally, the starting price of namecheap dedicated hosting plan is $58.88/Monthly. It gives you a XEN virtualization platform provides you full control of server. it gives you full root access, it comes with two operating systems from which you can choose one, cPanel and it makes a rick-featured server environment for you to control it better.

    Dedicated servers are hosted on a particular machine which will not be shared with anyone. So, if you think your business needs this much privacy then this is one of the best plan for you to go with.

    Namecheap Domains Offers – Black Friday 2018

    Namecheap is also one of the most favored and trusted domain registrar. Namecheap is also considered by people because of it’s wide range of domain TLDs. Domain services offered by Namecheap is mentioned below :

    Domain Registration Process

    Domain registration on namecheap is very easy. You just need to click on the special discount link mentioned below and then just put your desired domain and choose your domain extension. Now just proceed with order information and make payment and you are done with purchasing a new domain for you. Namecheap’s domain prices are also very cheap and lowest in industry.

    Domain Transfer

    If your domain is about to get renewed then this is the perfect time to save money and migrate to a better registrar. Namecheap offers add-on services for free on their domains. It also offers a better domain control than other registrars.

    Range of Exclusive TLDs

    Namecheap is among the domain registrars who allows you to choose your own domain TLD among the range of exclusive new TLDs available in their database. All TLDs are available at cheap prices.

    Domain Reselling

    Namecheap also offers a market place which they made specifically for domains reselling. You can buy domains for selling purpose on Namecheap and they will also help you getting to the buyer.

    Free WhoIs Protection

    Namecheap is among the domain registrars who provide free domain privacy and protection. This is very important to be safe from unwanted calls from agencies and developers. Registrars like GoDaddy and Bigrock charges around $5 annually to keep your information safe from people.


    NameCheap has come a far way since 2000, they have grown and adapted to the requirement of their customers. Starting from the Domain Registrar and then to Hosting services they have also introduced Private Email Hosting and Migration Service.

    They have a huge base of customers who felt the problem of migration to a new hosting. NameCheap solved the problem and introduced the Migration Service as well.


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    Bluehost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:52 am

    Here I am with Bluehost Black Friday 2019 sale and offers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days for which I wait whole year as of being a internet marketer. These are the days when I can buy digital stuff like web hosting, themes, plugins, softwares and tools at hell discounted prices. Its been couple of years I am doing shopping on Black Friday Sale and Cyber Monday Sale.

    Here in this article I am sharing Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2019 offers and promo codes which is going to start on 24th September 2019. Activate the deal and enjoy upto 75% discount on bluehost web hosting plans. I own 2 accounts of Bluehost shared hosting and I am running over 7 sites in combine on all those hosting plans. I never had any issue with speed and quality on bluehost. Server speed and uptime is really very good and Bluehost is also one of the most preferred host for WordPress sites. Black Friday Sale is the only time when bluehost and other web hosts are giving this huge discount.

    Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2019 @ $2.65/Monthly

    Bluehost black friday deals and offers are live and can be availed at starting from 24 September 2019 which is Black Friday. The sale will continue till 27 September 2019 which is Cyber Monday.


    Deal Time : 24 September to 27 September 2019

    Under this black friday web hosting deal you can buy web hosting at $2.65/monthly from bluehost. On this black friday bluehost is offering their basic web hsting package for $2.65 per month which usually costs 3.65 per month if you buy for 3 years. Currently you can get it for just $2.65  per month for any period of time. Along with every web hosting plan you will also get Free Domain Name of your choice. Bluehost also deals in domain names which has a large variety of TLDs starting at $2.99/Yearly.

    There is no coupon or promo code required to avail this black friday discount. Just click on the red button below and the discount will automatically be activated. After clicking on this link just follow the steps and complete payment. You will get all detail and payment confirmation on your mail address.


    I recommend you to buy hosting for 3 years at one shot to save renewal costs. Renewal charges of every host is higher than usual so it is preferred that you buy the plan for maximum years possible to avail discounts and save extra renewal cost on it.

    Bluehost Black Friday Hosting Plans

    • Starter Plan : $2.65 Monthly
    • Plus Plan : $5.25 Monthly
    • Pro Plan : $13.25 Monthly

    There is no doubt that bluehost is from one of the best hosts available out in market. Bluehost is considered as a premium web hosting company which never compromises with quality of their services. Bluehost is a web host which I can say you can trust by even having your eyes closed. Along with this offer you are also getting 30 Days no question asked money back guarantee from bluehost.

    What you are getting in starter plans of bluehost ???

    Bluehost is not a cheap host which will offer you lot of freebies and addons. They just offer you the best quality and very responsive support. So, here are the features you are getting in their web hosting plans of bluehost.

    • 24/7 Live ChatSupport
    • Unlimited Domain hosting
    • Unlimited GB hosting space
    • Unlimited FTP account
    • Unlimited GB Bandwidth
    • Free Domain Name
    • Standard cPanel Hosting
    • 30 day money back guarantee
    • Free Site builder with free templates
    • $100 Free adwords credit
    • SimpleScripts 1-Click installs (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
    • Chosen To Support Millions Of Sites (Latest Technologies Compatible)
    • SSH Secure Shell Access
    • Resource Management Panel
    • Trusted by Millions Worldwide
    • Premium Fast Servers

    How to Avail Bluehost Black Friday (2019) Discount

    Here are all the steps given below which you require to have a helping hand in claiming bluehost black friday deal before it gets out. Below are the given steps :


    1. Open the bluehost black friday sale page by clicking on the button above.
    2. Select which hosting plan you want to buy. (Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud or any other which you want.)
    3. Fill in all the necessary and required information and continue to payment.
    4. Complete payment and its all done.

    Congratualtions, you successfully have availed bluehost black friday discount.

    Why to Buy from Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2019 ???

    This question generally means that why you should choose bluehost. I have experience with bluehost and according to my experience I am sharing what are the thing for which you must go with bluehost.

    99.9% Server Up-time Rate

    Bluehost gives guarantee of 99.9% server up-time. This directly shows that they are very sure about their service quality and that’s why they are giving guarantee of 99.9% server up-time rate. You will rarely see a server downtime during your use of their service. From my side its a big yes for bluehost. If you are looking to have best hosting then this is for you.

    Friendly 24*7*365 Support

    A quality and responsive support is really required for every type of service you are taking. Bluehost gives you various options of support. you can take help from their support executives by Live chat, Call and also you can contact them by mail. Support team is really responsive and helpful with mostly all the queries.

    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    You can buy their hosting plans with full trust. They are also giving you 30 days money back guarantee. So, if in any case you feel like the hosting is of no use to you or it is not working fine for you then you can instantly ask for refund and you’ll get it within a week.

    So, These are enough things you seek in a web host. Bluehost Black Friday Sale 2019 is live now. Go and take advantage before it gets over.


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    Stablehost Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019 [75% OFF]

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:52 am

    Stablehost black friday sale 2018 is live now and you can grab the maximum discounts on it only today. If you are planning to a strong server for your website irrespective of average cost, you can opt for Stablehost. Stablehost is offering upto 75% discount on their all hosting plans. In this post i’ll be showing you all the black friday 2018 offers and deals. Black Friday and cyber monday are the days for which most of the marketers wait entire year. Anyone can buy hosting, tools, softwares, themes, plugins and many more digital products at very cheap and discounted prices on black friday sale.

    The sale will be starting on 24th November 2018. Be prepared and bookmark (Ctrl+D) this website to get the latest offers and deals for black friday sales. You can easily activate this Stablehost black friday discount by clicking on the button below. As per our experience and customer reviews, stablehost is a very good and reliable web hosting provider. Server is capable of managing high traffic and high memory consuming websites. Stablehost is one of the most preferred web hosting provider. During stablehost black friday sale, they are offering amazing discounts. So, avail the discounts now and enjoy the lowest prices on your product.


    Stablehost Black Friday Discount for New Customers

    As being a new customer, you can avail black friday discount on almost every product of stablehost. Here are the discount coupons and other information is written about the sale and how to avail stablehost black friday discount.

    BF2018-175% OFF on New Share Hosting

    BF2018-2 – 40% OFF on New Enterprise Hosting

    BF2018-2 – 40% OFF on New Reseller Hosting

    BF2018-2 – 40% OFF on New Share Hosting

    Stablehost Black Friday – Web Hosting Plans (Shared)

    Starter Plan

    *24/7/365 Email Support
    *1 Website Hosting
    *Server Troubleshooting
    *500 Accounts Per Server
    *2,50,000 Inodes
    *1 Full CPU Core
    *25 MySql Connections
    *99.9% Server Uptime
    BUY NOW @ $4.95/Monthly + upto 75% Discount

    Pro Plan

    *24/7/365 Email Support
    *Unlimited Website Hosting
    *Script Troubleshooting
    *500 Accounts Per Server
    *2,50,000 Inodes
    *1 Full CPU Core
    *25 MySql Connections
    *99.9% Server Uptime
    BUY NOW @ $8.95/Monthly + upto 75% Discount

    Platinum Plan

    *24/7/365 Email & Phone Support
    *VIP Support
    *Unlimited Website Hosting
    *Script Troubleshooting
    *500 Accounts Per Server
    *5,00,000 Inodes
    *2 Full CPU Core
    *50 MySql Connections
    *99.9% Server Uptime
    *Hacked/Compromised Repair
    *SpamExperts Spam Filtering
    BUY NOW @ $29.95/Monthly + upto 75% Discount

    Stablehost Black Friday – Web Hosting Plans (Reseller)

    All reseller hosting plans on stablehost have SSD Drives, Unlimited Bandwidth, LiteSpeed PHP Caching, cPanel, R1Soft and Online Website Builder Included without any other cost or charges.

    Basic Plan

    *10 GB Disk Space
    *Host upto 10 Clients
    BUY NOW @ $9.95/Monthly + upto 75% Discount

    Pro Plan

    *20 GB Disk Space
    *Host upto 50 Clients
    BUY NOW @ $19.95/Monthly + upto 75% Discount

    Pro Plan

    *40 GB Disk Space
    *Host upto 100 Clients
    BUY NOW @ $29.95/Monthly + upto 75% Discount


    Stablehost Black Friday – Web Hosting Plans (VPS)

    Stablehost offers 3 VPS plans which are :

    Stablehost Black Friday Discount – Note (Information)

    *Stablehost black friday sale will only be live till 1000 sales. Sale will start on 24th November at night and continue till it reaches 1000 new customers. So, place your order fast and make sure you don’t miss offers from them.
    *Stable host black friday discount is valid on all web hosting packages mentioned on website.  (t&c)
    *Stablehost discount is only valid on new customer accounts.
    *To avail discount, you need to purchase hosting for atleast 1 year.
    *Discount will be applicable once to every account.


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    1&1 Hosting Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2019

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:52 am

    get 1&1 hosting as low as $0.99 per month. Get our maximum possible discount on 1and1 hosting during this black friday.

    1&1 Hosting Black Friday  and cyber monday sale 2018

    Coupon Code – GET DEAL

    Discount– 90% OFF

    Sales Date – LIVE

    Category – Hosting

    latest 1&1 Coupon Codes

    GET DEAL – Promotion for all Domain names

    GET DEAL – 99 Cent .COM domain

    GET DEAL – .IN only $.99/y

    GET DEAL – .NET domain $8.99(Limit 5 per customer)

    GET DEAL – $9.99 first year of .Cloud domain

    GET DEAL – $9.99/y .Co

    GET DEAL – .Online domain offer “Get 2 years for the price of 1”

    GET DEAL – .Info just $0.99 (Limit 1 per customer, new contracts only)

    GET DEAL – 99 cent .ORG domain

    GET DEAL – $6.99/y .CO domain

    GET DEAL – .ME for just $2.99

    GET DEAL – .NYC $19.99/y

    GET DEAL – .XYZ only 99 cent

    GET DEAL – 99 cent for a .Space domain

    GET DEAL – .CA domain: First year of registration is $9.99


    1&1 Hosting Coupon Codes

    GET DEAL – Linux hosting started with $0.99/m (free domain)

    GET DEAL – Window hosting started with $0.99/m (free domain)

    GET DEAL – Cloud Server 1 Month Free!

    GET DEAL – Dedicated Servers 3 months FREE

    GET DEAL – VPS Offer: $4.99/m

    GET DEAL – eShops 30 day free trial!

    GET DEAL – 1&1 E-Mail Solutions only $0.99/m

    GET DEAL – MailXchange starting at $.99/month

    GET DEAL – Online Store $0.99/m

    GET DEAL – MyWebsite (Website Builder) now only $0.99/m (free domain)

    GET DEAL – 1&1 ListLocal starting at $9.99/mo

    GET DEAL – SSL Certificates as low as $24.99/year

    GET DEAL – Instant Mail 1 mo free trial (then $1.99/m)


    Features of 1&1 Hosting

    The 1&1 hosting company has got a wide range of unique features by which you are going to be spellbound. Here I am listing out a few specs of the lot.

    #1. Unlimited Web Space and Traffic

    Even if the unlimited space and traffic have nothing to do with a small scale website, people always look for this. In other words, it is so important when your site starts getting tens of thousands of hits daily.

    If you want to make your site bigger, just go with a hosting plan, offering unlimited space or traffic. So, you can avoid the frustration of seeing your website going down after a few months. That’s why 1&1 offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

    #2. Several Types of Hosting

    A small blog doesn’t need dedicated server hosting. Similarly, shared hosting for an e-commerce website is plain foolishness. That’s why 1&1 has come with several types of hosting.

    You can get Windows and Linux hosting of different packages. They have shared hosting, managed WP hosting and much more. Choosing managed WP hosting is a clever move if you want to start a WordPress website.

    #3. Free Domain and SSL

    Today, a top level domain costs about $10. What if your hosting provider gives you one for free? Isn’t that awesome?

    1&1 offers you a free domain with every hosting plan you choose. As a result, you will feel comfortable to deal with both hosting and domain from a single provider.

    Google revealed that SSL certificate has a slight dominance in search results. So it’s good to have one on your website. 1&1 gives away this one for free as well.

    #4. Top-notch Security

    Security must be one of your significant concerns when it comes to your websites because hackers are getting smarter every day.

    1&1 has a site lock feature to get rid of hackers. The system gets active when unusual log in attempts occur. It also scans your entire site up to 500 sub pages for malware issues.

    In the past, many websites embraced death due to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. The team of 1&1 has developed a new technique to protect your website from DDoS attack.

    Final words

    I have only given you a few features. If you check their website, you will get to know their whole lot of specs.

    Oops! I forgot to mention that their service is very cheap. So cheaper that you can get hosting for $0.99 per month.