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    DigitalOcean Coupon & Promo Codes for September 2019

    This post was last updated on September 4th, 2019 at 09:45 am

    So far, DigitalOcean has been known as one of the best hosting providers. With a cheap price level, what DigitalOcean gave us was just awesome: hosting plans with robust VPS server. You can start for only $5/month with 512MB of memory, 1 Core CPU, 20GB SSD disk and 1TB bandwidth…

    DigitalOcean is well-known as the most simple open cloud VPS hosting based on US Company. Now, anyone who signup for an account can be received a $10 to $20 free credits with promo code which means a 2 month or 4 month free VPS hosting when buy a $5 VPS plan, go to DigitalOcean Review 2018 to read more.

    Moreover, after sale – service is also very professional, the supporter answers quickly and enthusiastic. And no need to worry about payment method cause you can easily use PayPal to pay.

    Today, I’m going to share a very special promo code from this provider.

    This month, they launch a competitive SSD – based Virtual Servers. The promo code is very useful for anyone who want to find a good hosting or server provider. For $10 free credit, you can use DigitalOcean service for around 2 months.

    Click link below to get the promo code:

    DigitalOcean Coupon & Promo Codes September 2019

    GET DEAL  – Free Gift: Get $100 FREE. Sign Up New Account and Get a $100 Free Credit

    100FTO601 – for $50 credit

    SXSW50Get $50 Free Credit

    TWITTER914DigitalOcean promo code free $10 credit to get you started

    SFDOCOREOS25Get $25 credit when you sign up

    f888e7635ab8$10 credit with promo code

    SHIPITFASTFor free $10 Credit

    LOWENDBOXFree $15 Credit

    GET DEAL  – Free Gift: Get $10 FREE When Registering a New Account.

    BITNAMIFree $10 When Registering New Account

    DROPLET10$10 Free Credit for New Accounts on Signing Up

    DONEWSAdditional $10 Off all Plans

    ALLSSD10 – $10 Bonus

    FRANKFURTDigitalOcean With Free $10 Credit

    ACTIVATE10$10 Of Credit For Existing Customers !

    DO10$10 Off Your Order

    OMGSSD10$10 Promotion

    I’ve been trying Digital Ocean and completely satisfied with their products. So let experience.Remember that you have to use the promo code right after registering in order to get the credit.DigitalOcean only allow one promo code per account, so if you’ve redeemed one in the past you December not add another. To see your promo code history please visit your billing page.

    How to get start?

    First, visit the official site –

    Second, Signup for a Digital Ocean account for simply enter your email and password

    Third, after registration, login your Digital Ocean account and click the “Get Started” button to continue:

    Fourth, click on the add credit card button (in fact, no credit card added required), then enter the promo code we are given and it will be redeemed automatically – $20 or $10 based on different Digital Ocean Coupon you are using.

    Digitalocean $20 Credits Coupon:

    Fifth, then deposit a $5 via paypal or credit card to your Digital Ocean account, the totally $25 is going to become available and it can be bought a 5 months vps cloud hosting – that’s mean $1/mo ONLY.

    OK, everything done. You buy 1 month VPS for $5 ONLY with a 512MB RAM but you get the same server free for an additional 4 months.

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    Inexpensive Online Hosting with the Help of DigitalOcean Free Credit

    This post was last updated on March 1st, 2018 at 05:39 am

    Take a close look at the web hosting options available from DigitalOcean hosting company. You can use DigitalOcean free credit and further reduce overall cost related to online hosting.

    Hosting a website, web application or simple files online looks quite easy. There are many hosting companies that claim to provide a wide range of features and functions with their web hosting services. They claim to charge less and provide unlimited bandwidth and speed. The slick and heavy advertising makes you believe that such a service provider is your best choice for hosting anything online. However, you need to pause for a moment and consider some important facts before you commit to a particular online hosting company. The success of your business depends on the type of hosting provider you choose. Take a close look at the web hosting options available from DigitalOcean hosting company. You can use DigitalOcean free credit such as discounts and further reduce overall cost related to online hosting.

    When it comes to different types of hosting then dedicated hosting is considered the best choice because you have complete control over your server. The only problem is that it is the most expensive hosting. VPS or virtual private server hosting is the latest buzzword. This type of hosting is especially useful for websites and applications that see occasional or regular spike in traffic. DigitalOcean has gone one step ahead of all conventional web hosting options. It has eliminated problems generally associated with conventional hosting solutions. This DigitalOcean review will help you understand those advantages.

    The first amazing thing DigitalOcean has done is in the field of hardware. It offers servers that have SSD (Solid State Drive) for data storage. This type of data storage device is superior to common spindle hard drives generally used in cheaper servers. SSD storage massively increases download and upload speeds. Users of your site can download web pages at a very fast speed. Your web applications will process data faster. You do not have to worry about your site going down if there is a sudden increase in traffic. DigitalOcean offers unmanaged VPS cloud hosting services. It means you not only get complete control with full root access to run your programs but you also receive complete scalability which takes care of any spike in traffic. Use DigitalOcean free credit to see what is on offer for your hosting needs.

    If you have full control of your server then your website or web application performs exactly the way you wish. You can deploy highest level of security and never have to worry about security risks. If you are new to online server management then do not worry. DigitalOcean has made it easy to manage your servers. In fact, you can deploy your first SSD cloud server at this site in less than a minute.

    The process of using SSD cloud server at DigitalOcean is very easy. Its control panel has clean, easy to use and self explanatory interface. This makes it easy to set up and deploy your server within seconds. You can create your Droplet (as a VPS server hosting deployment is named at this site) quickly. Use DNS management to manage all your domains without any issue. Use its 1-click installation to save time installing applications. DigitalOcean offers flexible API that lets you seamlessly manage your IT system operations.

    You will find a large number of tutorials on DigitalOcean website. There is information on everything including creating your Droplets, installing web applications and setting up IP tables. You will have your website or web application up and running quickly with the help of these tutorials. You can exchange ideas with other users in the forum. The company offers 24/7 customer and technical support services. The support ticket is answered within minutes. There is real-time chat facility. The company promises 99.99% uptime. At the same time, there is no email or phone support. Payment options do not include bank transfer, check and cash.

    There is automatic backup and recovery system so you never lose your important data. You can resize servers according to your specific requirements with just a few clicks. The company has highly secure five data centers across the US, Europe and Asia. The server resizing feature is highly useful if you think that one of your domains requires more server space. DigitalOcean pricing for high-performance SSD server VPS cloud hosting starts for as low as $5 per month or $0.007 per hour. You will not receive this type of affordable VPS cloud hosting with such high configuration, performance and speed. Use DigitalOcean free credit as free $10 credit or special offer to further reduce your hosting cost.