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Best hosting reviews

Best hosting reviews 2018

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Web Hosting is the service which provides space on the internet for websites to be published or loaded so that other people can see it. In other words if you want to make a website and share it with the world allowing anybody to view it from anywhere at any time you will need to publish it with a web hosting service. Web hosting services provide you space for storing your website files on high powered computers which are connected to a high speed internet connection. This allows people to view your website 24/7. Whenever someone wants to visit your website, they need to use a device with internet connection and type your website address, the web server holding your website files will then transfer your website information to their device allowing them to surf through your website.



GoDaddy has been serving its customers since many years. It has a customer base of more than 12 million from all over the world. Their products include Email which allows you to receive and send secure email communication by creating personalized email accounts, Website builder which helps customer to build attractive websites in minutes, Web Hosting services through their world-class data centers, Domain Management and Services which offers end to end support to help you get online, Internet Safety which helps secure your data and transactions with a SSL certificate and Auctions where you can buy and sell domains.

GoDaddy offers its services at prices less than other registrars. It is the world’s largest domain name registrar and best web hosting provider. GoDaddy aims at providing people an easy and affordable way to share their ideas and information all around the world using the internet. They help and support people to start and be successful in their own business ventures.

GoDaddy provides support to its customers to get the maximum benefits from their website. They help their customers to boost business by using search Engine Optimization, e-mail and social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. GoDaddy makes web hosting easy, reliable and fast. It offers 3 types of hosting plans which are Economy, Deluxe and Ultimate. Depending on customer’s needs and requirements they can choose the one that best suits their business. Deluxe is the best web hosting plan and is value for money. Always check the internet for coupon and promo code from GoDaddy, to get a better deal and save money. GoDaddy offers 24/7 support through phone and email. There customer support is exceptional; their staff is always ready to help you in every possible way. They also have popular help topics to support their products and guide customers perform necessary actions. They have blogs, groups, forums and more to help customers share information and get all the support they need.


Hostgator was established in 2002 and has been a world-leading provider of web hosting services. Hostgator has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. Its client base is huge and it serves over 200 countries internationally. It offers variety of packages and covers needs of all types of business whether it is small or big. It is the best web hosting service for beginners as it offers promo code, giving you a discount when you join.

Hostgator offers Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated server packages for beginners as well as professionals. It provides innovative products and services to its customers to support and complement their existing businesses. Its services are easy and affordable for all sizes and types of businesses. It offers mainly 3 types of plans which are Hatching Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. When you are planning to order check the internet for an online coupon to get discount on your purchase.

Hostgator is the choice of many satisfied customers. According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted in june 2008 almost 90% of the customers were satisfied by their services. Hostgator offers a 45 day money back guarantee , if you are not satisfied simply fill in a form asking for a full refund. It guarantees a 99.9% uptimes assuring you the peace of mind for your business requirements. The customer service support is awesome which is available through Phone, live chat and email. They use a ticketing system to provide better service to their customers according to which while filing a complaint each customer is given a ticket number and are served accordingly. Hostgator maintains an online support portal which has more than 500 Video Tutorials and 680+ help Articles to support and educate their customers. It provides 24/7 server monitoring without missing a second. Hostagtor is environment friendly and has invested in wind energy to help offset server emissions. It has raised the bar of web hosting in speed, reliability and support and has won many awards and has many positive reviews of satisfied customers.


Founded in 1996, BlueHost have critical experience in web hosting, and thus one of the best web hosting companies. No doubt that the level of quality of their services made them survive cut-throat competition in web hosting.

Equipped with modern quad processors and trained (and experienced) 24/7 technical support staff, they are able to afford a speed greater than 2 Gbit/second. Their internet connection is powered by the OC-backbone connection; they have backup generators to ensure that their services are with no interruption, and provide web hosting services for as low as $6.95 / Month for a 15000 GB bandwidth. It also provides promo codes and coupons, to enable clients to access webhosting at lesser fees.

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean offers to create a cloud server fast and easy. It offers amazing service at affordable price. It also gives its customers an option to pay as their business expands and grows.

Hostgator DigitalOcean uses the most advanced, fast and convenient cloud technology to help customers efficiently manage their business infrastructure. They provide SSD Hard Drives, flexible API and option to select the nearest data center location. It provides easy to use control panel which helps manage all your virtual servers. It is designed to be user friendly allowing tasks to be handles using a single click. It provides a developer community which includes articles on basic setup to advanced configurations. They try to solve the complex technical issues using their best practice approach. They provide helpful tutorials on popular frameworks, applications, database and much more. DigitalOcean supports its customers in every possible way. They have Q&A section where you can submit your question and the DigitalOcean team will try to help you. You can read others questions and answers and even share your views on other questions. DigitalOcean is trust worthy, it provides a 99.99% uptime SLA around the network, power and virtual server availability. If it fails to perform as promised it credits your account based on the amount of time that service was unavailable. It provides 24/7 customer support which is well trained and experienced to answer your queries. It provides automated backups so even if a customer goofs up and deletes some important data they are there to help and restore it. The SSD Hard Drive they provide helps to increase the disk performance and improve the site viewing. The hardware used by DigitalOcean is the latest and best available in the market. They are very serious about security and use Two-Factor Authentication. They ensure that their customers account is safe and protected all the time. Customers are very happy with their service and pricing and have recommended to use it. Online you can get coupon and promo code to help and save money on your order

HostMonster Web Hosting Review

 Best hosting reviews 2014

As many web hosting reviews will tell you, HostMonster is an experienced and one of the best web hosting companies.

They have been providing these services from 1996 and their prices are really affordable, going to as low as $3.95 per month and coupons. With this price, for instance, it is possible to create and maintain a website for almost all purposes. With a high speed, fiber optic OC-48 backbone connection, 24/7 live support and power back-ups, they can provide fast unlimited web hosting for websites below 2GB of data. They also provide file transfer for clients, email and phone support too.

JustHost Web hosting Review

Although it is one of the best web hosting companies, JustHost provides only Linux hosting. Offers run from as low as $2.99 with coupons.

Many web hosting services provides promo codes and hence clients can afford hosting for large company websites. It is an experienced company and has run since 1998 and uses multiple OC-96 Internet connections, even better than the OC-48 Backbone connection used by many other companies. They also have power back up and a client can run unlimited domains with only a single account. It provides unlimited hosting for web hosting and transfer, 24/7 customer and technical support and a money-back guarantee. Clients can even get free domains for life.

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